300 Million Victims and Rising

Spread across South Asia is a group of forgotten people numbering in the hundreds of millions. Despised by their countrymen and viewed as subhuman, even the shadows they cast are believed to be cursed. These people are the Dalits of South Asia, the lowest of the low.

You would think, estimated at more than 300 million in number, they would have some political sway. However, divided into many smaller groups that speak numerous languages, they find organization almost impossible.

The Dalit people can often be found in small, impoverished communities referred to as slums, like this one.

Dandak and Kala knew the caste system all too well. For more than 30 years the two had lived with the familiar reminder that their lives mattered less than others. With little food, a makeshift home and no access to medical care, life for Dandak and Kala and their three children couldn’t get much more hopeless.

Struggling for Survival

Dandak’s career consisted of one long struggle to cobble together enough money to feed his family. He drove a rental truck transporting goods, but without a driver’s license, driving on freeways was a tricky proposition. Eventually, he had to give up the job altogether. Meanwhile, Kala worked as a house servant for a sparse income.

Dandak and Kala didn’t have enough money for a place of their own so they squatted in an unfinished housing development. Meals were never guaranteed. With no hope for the future, living out their days in suffering was simply their stark reality.

The Children Hurt too

The heartbreaking part for Dandak and Kala was watching the children hunger. Only one of their boys was able to attend a school, and even this was funded by the government, which allowed him to study at a lesser expense.

Meanwhile a fourth child, a daughter, was born to them near Christmas of last year. But the baby was undernourished. With no money for medical care, Dandak and Kala could do nothing as the child died.

One Last Phone Call

After the birth and then death of their daughter, Kala was too weak to work. Dandak borrowed money here and there, but he couldn’t do that forever. One evening, he prepared the very last of their food in the house, and the children ate what Dandak and Kala believed would be their final meal.

But the next day Dandak remembered a Gospel for Asia pastor he had met not long before. On a whim, he called the pastor and told him about his family’s situation.

“My children are dying without food,” Dandak said in tears, “and I am unable to see their deaths.”

Pastor Namuchi didn’t have money at the time, but he promised to pray for the family.

Dandak and Kala and their children were without food, money or a place to live. Then, their infant daughter died.

Thanks to a gift from the Christmas Gift Catalogue, Dandak now has a way to support his family.

Temporary Hope and then Eternal Hope

The next day, Dandak was stunned when an old boss loaned him 300 rupees. The gift allowed him to buy food for his family, but Dandak had no idea a permenant fix was also in the works. Pastor Namuchi was arranging to give Dandak a Christmas gift—one that would change his life forever.

By way of a generous donation through the Christmas Gift Catalogue, Namuchi was able to give Dandak a pull cart of his own. A pull cart meant Dandak instantly had his very own business. He now delivers and sells vegetables at the market for local farmers.

On his very first day, he earned back the nearly 300 rupees he owed his former boss. Now, his children are able to attend school, and food is never a concern anymore. Best of all, Dandak and Kala have given their lives over to Jesus!

Your Gifts Make an Impact

Help others like Dandak and Kala with a gift that could literally change lives and save families from starvation.

On average, the Western consumer spends over $500 on Christmas. This year, consider setting aside 10, 20 or even 50 percent of your Christmas budget to reach a lost and dying world.

Today, you can make a difference. Encourage the families of your church to share God’s gift to us with the world. Forgotten Christmas will enrich their hearts, as well as those in Asia.

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Let's remember God's gift to us and
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