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Get this video in the free Forgotten Christmas Church Kit. Join thousands of churches to make Christmas more Christ-centred this year—together we will make an eternal difference around the world.

Designed for congregations and small groups, Forgotten Christmas will remind believers of the most important gift of Christmas: the birth of our Saviour.

The FREE Forgotten Christmas Church Kit:

  • Super easy to integrate into your service.
  • Includes DVD of this year's brand-new 3-minute video.
  • Includes Christmas Gift Catalogues filled with gifts that share Jesus with the world—a catalogue for every family in your congregation!
  • Bonus: Entire Forgotten Christmas 13-video series.

Since 2007, over 736,000 impoverished families in South Asia have been helped by these gifts.

This Gift Catalogue features life-sustaining gifts such as goats, clean water, chickens, Bibles, sewing machines and many more. Each gift helps lift poor families in South Asia out of hopelessness and into the knowledge of the Saviour who loves them.

Let's remember God's gift to us and let's share that gift with the world.

100% of the funds received from the gifts purchased from the Gift Catalogue go to the mission field to help people in need. Every single penny will be used to impact lives for eternity!

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Have questions about Forgotten Christmas or GFA's Christmas Gift catalogues? Please contact us on 1300 889 339.

Let's remember God's gift to us and
let's share that gift with the world.